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FREE Consult - Expert Review

Would you like an expert to review your FIRPTA case? It's FREE with no-obligation and it's a fast, easy process.

Step 1. Tell us a little about your case: 

Step 2. Expert will evaluate your inquiry form and contact you by email.  

Step 3. You wil receive information on the following:

  • services you need, 

  • estimates of FIRPTA withholding,

  • qualification for exemptions or reduced withholding,

  • estimate of your expected FIRPTA IRS tax refund amount,

  • whether you need a new or to renew an ITIN or EIN,

  • IRS year end and interim tax return filing requirements, 

  • timelines involved in the processes and costs.

  • Any and all your questions will also be answered.

FREE Consult - Expert Review
Why choose FIRPTArefunds?

Experts in FIRPTA Withholding, Tax Refund & ITIN  Services.

Unsurpassed track record and credentials you can rely on.

7 Benefits of dealing with FIRPTArefunds:

1. Experience: Our experts each have 35+ years of FIRPTA and tax experience. Credentials
2. More refund dollars, faster.
3. Complete line of FIRPTA services. We do it all.
4. We are IRS Certified Acceptance Agents (CAAs) obtaining ITINs for our clients without their having to provide the IRS with original passports and documents..
5. Affordable pricing, flexible payment terms & a meet or beat any written quote policy.
6. Run your case by our Pros in a FREE CONSULTATION. 
Email us or use our 90 second inquiry form.
​7. Information filled website.
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  • Mobile: Click 3 vertical menu bar to open headings and click the plus or minus sign alongside to open topics.
Why FIRPTA Refunds?
90 Second Inquiry Form

24/7, Here When You Need Us. 

In Negotiation
  • We understands global time zone differences. 


  • We handle the process from beginning to end. We walk you through any process which requires your input. 


  • We receive questions via email at any time, 24/7 and answer them promptly. You have many ways to contact us.

24/7 Here When You Need Us


If you are using the Internet to search for a FIRPTA provider, don't be fooled. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here's a few items to check and watch out for.

  • Personal Credentials: Is your "expert" or is "expertise" clumped with combined people? That can be grossly misleading. Here your case manager Richard M. Kahn and tax pro Lius Bulas-Felix each have over 35 years FIRPTA and IRS tax experience. 

    • Because our principal Richard M. Kahn is so widely known and verifiable in terms of credentials and experience, he conducts our new case consultations of clients coming in over the Internet.

  • Don't fall for hidden fees or upfront consult costs. We offer Audit Protection Plans. No hidden fees for working the case with the IRS to completion no matter how long it takes. We never charge a consult fee.

  • The Testimonials Ruse. Privacy and Confidentiality here are paramount, so we never advertise our client's names or offer information.

    • Anyone can post a fabricated testimonial using a first name and last initial whereby the testimonial cannot be verified.

    • Anyone can say they have done x amounts of cases but if they are in business for just a few years or their management has changed on the State Corporate records many times indicating corporate instability and lack of success, the facts can undermine the claims..

Don't Be Fooled!

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards, debit cards, direct bank deposit of checks and wires to any Bank of America branch. Bill Me Later choices provided by PayPal on check-out or when you pay invoices.

Payment Methods

Pricing Policy


We Will Beat any Price:

We have a lowest cost for fastest FIRPTA IRS refunds, meet and beat any written quote policy. 


Custom Quote Method:

  • We provide a price quote on Consultation.

  • All payments are via invoice which identifies the services and terms.

We offer different basic payment options and customized payment plans. For example:

  1. Payment in full up front.

  2. Down payment, balance at closing.

  3. No down payment, balance at closing.

  4. Down payment up front and balance on completion of tax filings.

  5. Down payments with payment in full when IRS disburses the refund.

Pricing Policy
Ph:  417-862-4710
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