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Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy Will Be Stated on Your Invoice

We do not provide an online ordering interface where clients can choose an item, pay for it and then receive it, such as that found in traditional retail sales. All of our services are gone over in detail with clients and prospective clients prior to issuing invoices or accepting payments.

A number of our services, once agreed to, are more like those an appraiser or a property inspector might perform. You order the job, we do the work and the client or their authorized agents use them. In these cases, due to this nature of service, we do not provide refunds.


Because there are no refunds on these services provided, we consult closely with our clients on all services to be provided. Clients only request invoices and services when they are absolutely sure they want the services ordered, as discuss and agreed to with their FIRPTA Refunds rep. Sometimes client transactions fall through and because of this we provide a mechanism for a nominal redraw fee, for the services provided to be transferred to new Buyer if current sale falls through, for up to one year.

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