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Why Choose FIRPTA Refunds?

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Why Choose FIRPTArefunds?

We propose some benefits dealing with FIRPTA Refunds:

Long FIRPTA track record and credentials you can rely on.
Experience: Our experts each have 35+ years of FIRPTA and tax experience. Credentials
Maximum allowable refunds, with no mistakes that cause delay..
Complete line of FIRPTA services. We do it all.
We are IRS Certified Acceptance Agents (CAAs) obtaining ITINs for our clients without their having to provide the IRS with original passports and documents..
Affordable pricing, flexible payment terms & a meet or beat any written quote policy.
FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION with our senior FIRPTA expert. Not a salesperson, none will call.
To initiate is quick and easy:Email us or use our 90 second inquiry form.
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