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Credential Of Senior Management

Photo of Richard Kahn, FIRPTA Refunds principal and expert.

Richard Merrill Kahn

Principal, Senior FIRPTA Expert



Managing Partner of Real Estate, Secularization (Multi-Investor Real Estate) Mortgage Finance,  and FIRPTA service firms since 1979. FPG-USA's Testifying expert in over 1,000 cases since 2007. 

  • National Real Estate Product Manager at Merrill Lynch (1973-1978). Securities licensing by SEC, NYSE, AMEX, CBOE, NASD . Appointed by CEO Don Regan who became US Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration.

  • Managing Partner, Affiliated Real Estate Analysts, Inc. (NY). Nationwide real estate development, lending, investor services (Including FIRPTA) (1979-1991).

  • Managing Partner commercial real estate lender nationwide USA (1978-2010). 

  • Special Adviser to the IRS (1980-1995). 

  • Managing Partner Mallpark, Inc. (FL)  Global internet provider of virtual real estate services and associated software development to over 5,000 companies worldwide. (1995-2006)

  • Managing Partner of Whale Mortgage, Inc. (FL) Licensed residential lender (2003-2010).

  • Managing Partner, Forensic Professionals Group USA, Inc. (FL) (2008-2021). 

    • d/b/a FPG-USA. Real Estate, Mortgage and Secularization Fraud Investigations. Mr. Kahn has testified in over 1,000 cases in dozens of States and Federal Courts. ​

    • d/b/a FIRPTArefunds. Experts in FIRPTA Withholding Tax Refund & ITIN  Services, 

      • IRS Certified Acceptance Agent.

  • Since 1980 through present, Richard has handled the FIRPTA aspects of all instances relative to real estate and shareholder distributions across his substantial history identified above. He currently runs FIRPTA Refunds, a boutique specialty firm, exclusively handling and facilitating FIRPTA.

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