Credentials of Senior Management

Richard Merrill Kahn

Managing Director/ Business Development

Senior Case Manager, FIRPTA Expert


Managing Partner of Real Estate, Secularization (Multi-Investor Real Estate) Mortgage Finance,  and FIRPTA service firms since 1979. FPG-USA's Testifying expert in over 1,000 cases since 2007. 

  • National Real Estate Product Manager at Merrill Lynch (1973-1978). Securities licensing by SEC, NYSE, AMEX, CBOE, NASD . Appointed by CEO Don Regan who became US Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration.

  • Managing Partner, Affiliated Real Estate Analysts, Inc. (NY). Nationwide real estate development, lending, investor services (Including FIRPTA) (1979-1991).

  • Managing Partner commercial real estate lender nationwide USA (1978-2010). 

  • Special Adviser to the IRS (1980-1995). 

  • Managing Partner Mallpark, Inc. (FL)  Global internet provider of virtual real estate services and associated software development to over 5,000 companies worldwide. (1995-2006)

  • Managing Partner of Whale Mortgage, Inc. (FL) Licensed residential lender (2003-2010).

  • Managing Partner, Forensic Professionals Group USA, Inc. (FL) (2008-Present). 

    • d/b/a FPG-USA. Real Estate, Mortgage and Secularization Fraud Investigations. Mr. Kahn has testified in over 1,000 cases in dozens of States and Federal Courts. ​

    • d/b/a FIRPTArefunds. Experts in FIRPTA Withholding Tax Refund & ITIN  Services, 

      • IRS Certified Acceptance Agent.



Luis Bulas-Felix

FIRPTArefunds TaxPro, FIRPTA Tax Expert

Senior Case Manager Tax Division


  • 40+ years USA and International tax specialist.

  • 35+ years FIRPTA  tax experience.

  • Former IRS Enrolled Agent, IRS Appellate Auditor, Revenue Agent and Tax Auditor. GS-14 (on scale 1-15).


  • Licensed by the US Treasury - Internal Revenue Service

  • Public Accountant since 1977

  • Dual Masters from FIU and Doctorate in Accounting

  • Handling FIRPTA since its empowerment in 1984 by the Deficit Reduction Act.

  • Certified IRS - A.F.S.P. Tax Preparer (PTIN, EFIN)

  • IRS Certified Acceptance Agent.

  • Luis is FIRPTArefunds resident managing TaxPro running our FIRPTA tax division.

  • Working with Richard Kahn since 1997




FIRPTArefunds has 3 IRS Certified Acceptance Agents on staff. We are IRS certified to authenticate the passport and birth certificates to the IRS in the ITIN application process. 


This means our clients do not have to send original Passports or Birth Certificates to us or the IRS, which can be held for 3 months. Our clients keep the originals in their possession.

This speeds the FIRPTArefund process and eliminates the risk of losing these valuable documents in the mail or in transit. Most importantly clients can travel with their passports if they wish to do so because they retain the originals during the process.


FIRPTArefunds otained over $200,000 more refund than my client's CPA calculated and it was refunded very quickly.

Attorney Derek Longstaff, Palo Alto, CA. 

I sold my property for $445k and adjusted cost basis was $285k. A CPA recommended by the realtor and title company estimated by tax would be $48k. FIRPTA withholding was $66k so I was told my refund would be $18k. FIRPTArefunds fee was a little higher and I wasn't going to go with them but I did after speaking to their expert. I received $40k refund which was far more than I expected. And I got an ITIN.

Chin Lee, Singapore

We had a real problem. We closed using a title agent and for some reason the IRS recorded receiving our FIRPTA withholding but would not give us a refund. This went on for many months. FIRPTArefunds performed a Difficult Case service, identified what happened, straightened it out, received our refunds as agents and sent by courier at our expense to us. We finally got our full withholding as a refund. We actually sent a bonus check to FIRPTArefunds showing our appreciation. They also obtained ITINs for us. Mary and Carmel Scicluna. Malta

I closed my transaction but the IRS said they could not find my money. This went on for nearly a year. I hired FIRPTArefunds and they got me my $48,000 refund within about 2 months of agreeing to their fee. That was joyous. And they handled everything. Rosa Colavito, Manitoba CAN. 

I had a corporate bond sale through CitiWealth Management. They withheld $11,200 representing the tax due and remitted to the IRS. I hired FIRPTArefunds and instead of losing it all, I got a refund check for $8,500 within about 60 days, along with an ITIN. Fernando Zarama, Columbia.

My mother in law, husband and myself sold a property in Florida. FIRPTArefunds obtained ITINs for us, and a bigger refund we were told we could get from someplace else. They did it all. We were very happy. Dionne Morgan, Toronto CAN


FIRPTArefunds Sponsored Race Car

FIRPTArefunds sponsors the race car you see at the right. Here it is being driven by FIRPTArefunds Account Executive and primary driver Craig Kahn. Here we are leading the pack at Homestead Miami Speedway. 

Ph:  417-862-4710

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