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Credentials of Senior Management

Credentials of Senior Management

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Richard Merrill Kahn

35+ years experience FIRPTA Expertise

Richard Kahn's Black Belt Credentials

Richard has been the go-to FIRPTA expert throughout his duly licensed career since FIRPTA got legs from Congress in 1984 via the Debt Reduction Act making FIRPTA withholding mandatory for Foreign Sellers selling US properties and receiving US effectively connected income in the process of US real property ownership. Richard is a IRS Certified Acceptance Agent able to verify and authenticate passports and originate ITINs for foreign nationals. He is an IRS AFSP Tax Pro. Richard has been a licensed career professional for 45 years.

FIRPTA Refunds also utilizes the services of a FIRPTA CPA firm with individuals that each have over 45 years CPA experience. 

We regularly engage with our foreign national clients worldwide as well as their realtors, closing agents, attorneys and title companies on property sales in the USA and its territories. 

We are IRS Certified Acceptance Agents


We are IRS certified to authenticate the passport and birth certificates to the IRS in the ITIN application process. 


This means our clients do not have to send original Passports or Birth Certificates to us or the IRS, which can be held for 3 months. Our clients keep the originals in their possession.

This speeds the FIRPTArefund process and eliminates the risk of losing these valuable documents in the mail or in transit. Most importantly clients can travel with their passports if they wish to do so because they retain the originals during the process.


Testimonials made by firms and web designers that put some kind of obscure, impossible to verify name are a joke. No one with any experience believes them. Putting a name like John D from X city or John Doe from X city with no specific contact information and thinking anyone is going to view that as credible is a laugh.

Fact is, our clients are all foreign nationals, citizens of foreign countries. These are people who for the most part, want to keep their real estate activities in the USA private. Certainly not advertise themselves to the world. 

FIRPTA Refunds doesn't advertise. Our principal Richard Kahn has been the go to FIRPTA expert since 1984. Our business is based on referrals. That says it all.

In this business, anyone can hold themselves out to be proficient in this niche tax market. The way to gain confidence is to actually speak to a very knowledgeable person. This is why we have always offered Free Consults. There area many ways to reach us.

FIRPTArefunds Race Car

FIRPTArefunds Sponsored Race Car

FIRPTArefunds sponsors the race car you see at the right. Here it is being driven by FIRPTArefunds Account Executive and primary driver Craig Kahn. Here we are leading the pack at Homestead Miami Speedway. 

Ph:  417-862-4710
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