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Refund Policy

When choosing FIRPTArefunds, you are working with the best.

We understand this is a big responsibility and work hard to obtain maximum results for you.

FIRPTArefunds has a no refunds policy, no exceptions.

We cannot control whether or not a transaction actually closes. In scheduled to close transactions we accept a partial payment of our fees to cover preliminary work done prior to closing. The balance at closing is not due if the transaction does not close for any reason. We do not make refunds on down payments which cover work performed.

We caution Buyers and Sellers in to be closed transactions. We highly recommend you do not order FIRPTArefunds services prior to a contract passing inspection and appraisal if bank financing and the financing is approved. Those are 3 of the most common failures that cause transactions not to close. 

In terms of IRS refunds. FIRPTArefunds reveals the tax refund client files for and provides supporting documentation to the IRS prior to filing. We do not control the IRS, nor do we know what amounts if any clients may already owe the IRS or the IRS will approve for refund. Our upfront fees are earned when the case is filed. We do not base our upfront fees on whether or not the IRS refunds a certain amount. All arrangements are in writing.

Ph:  417-862-4710
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