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FIRPTArefunds regularly works with Agents involved in a Foreign Seller Real Estate or Shareholder Distribution situation.

Working with us provides some important benefits.

  1. Your clients receive best in class services by seasoned experts specializing in FIRPTA for decades.

  2. You are always kept in the loop if the Client agrees, which provides peace of mind and knowledge of exactly where our mutual client is in the FIRPTA process.

  3. Settlement Agents don't risk being held responsible financially or otherwise for mistakes they might make. These often occur when Settlement Agents do their own Closing Documents or those of a less experienced accounting firm. 

  4. We specialize in FIRPTA. It's an esoteric and complicated niche. Having us as a preferred FIRPTA vendor insures deep knowledge base at your fingertips.

  5. If you do work in the case, which most agents do, we have a fee incentive. Inquire by email and speak directly with our prinicpal Richard Kahn. 

  6. VOLUME DISCOUNTS benefit clients and our vendors.

Work With Us
List Us As Your Preferred Vendor

List us as Your Preferred Vendor 

FIRPTArefunds regularly acts in a Preferred Vendor status at firms in the following fields: 

This includes:

  • Settlement Agents,

  • Title Insurance Underwriters,

  • Closing and Settlement Attorneys and

  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents representing Buyer(s) and or Seller(s) in Foreign Seller real estate transactions.

  • Investor Groups and Associations needing FIRPTA services

  • Qualified Intermediaries in 1031 Exchange roles.

  • Wealth and Financial Managers assisting clients.

Once we agree to be listed as a Preferred Vendor by you and/or your firm, you can provide savings to clients and increase your bottom line at the same time. We also provide training and can provide an experienced expert to speak, answer questions and provide training at your facility(ies). It's win, win, win.


Contact us today.

Ph:  417-862-4710
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