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Work With Us

Work With Us

FIRPTA Refunds regularly works with Agents involved in a Foreign Seller Real Estate or Shareholder Distribution situation.

Working with us provides some important benefits.

  • Your clients receive best in class services by a seasoned expert specializing in FIRPTA for decades.

  • You are always kept in the loop if the Client agrees, which provides peace of mind and knowledge of exactly where our mutual client is in the FIRPTA process.

  • Settlement Agents don't risk being held responsible financially or otherwise for mistakes they might make. These often occur when Settlement Agents do their own Closing Documents or those of a less experienced accounting firm. 

  • We specialize in FIRPTA. It's an esoteric and complicated niche. Having us as a preferred FIRPTA vendor insures deep knowledge base at your fingertips.

  • If you do work in the case, which most agents do, we have a fee incentive. Inquire by email and speak directly with our principal Richard Kahn. 

  • VOLUME DISCOUNTS benefit clients and our vendors.

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