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Don't Be Fooled!


Do your due diligence! If you are using the Internet to search for a FIRPTA provider, as opposed to getting a trusted referral, don't be fooled. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here we list a few items to check and watch out for.

  • Personal Credentials: Is your "expert" or is "expertise" clumped with combined people? That can be grossly misleading. Here your case manager Richard M. Kahn and tax pro Lius Bulas-Felix each have over 35 years FIRPTA and IRS tax experience. 

    • Because our principal Richard M. Kahn is so widely known and verifiable in terms of credentials and experience, he conducts our new case consultations of clients coming in over the Internet.

  • Don't fall for hidden fees or upfront consult costs. We offer Audit Protection Plans. No hidden fees for working the case with the IRS to completion no matter how long it takes. We never charge a consult fee.

  • The Testimonials Ruse. Privacy and Confidentiality here are paramount, so we never advertise our client's names or offer information.

    • Anyone can post a fabricated testimonial using a first name and last initial whereby the testimonial cannot be verified.

    • Anyone can say they have done x amounts of cases but if they are in business for just a few years or their management has changed on the State Corporate records many times indicating corporate instability and lack of success, the facts can undermine the claims..

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