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Types of Cases We Handle

Types of Cases We Handle

We handle Seller cases subject to FIRPTA and  Buyer cases verifying exception requests.

WE SERVE: Buyers, Foreign Sellers, Foreign Shareholders ("Clients"), their Agents, Substitutes and Powers of Attorney ("Agents) and those providing services  ("Vendors") to Clients and Agents, including Realtors. Title and/or Closing Companies and Attorneys in FIRPTA withholding IRS taxable transactions. FREE CONSULTATION.

Dispositions under FIRPTA that we handle include but are not limited to:

  • Gains and losses from sale or exchange of US Real Estate: Closed and Pending

  • Income from rental of real property

  • Other than real estate direct taxable FIRPTA interests

  • Dispositions of interests in non-publicly traded partnerships or trusts 

  • Forfeitures: Foreclosure, Deed-in-lieu and Short Sale

  • Capital contribution or distribution

  • Liquidation and/or redemptions

  • 1031 like kind exchanges

  • Involuntary conversions (condemed, destroyed, exchanged, etc.)

  • Gifts

  • Options to purchase that are sold, exchanged or excercised.

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