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Richard Kahn Black Belt Credentials

Richard Kahn at Master's Belt Promotion Event

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Richard Kahn Black Belt Credentials

Richard Kahn is a Hanshi Hachidan (8th Dan) Black Belt in Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo. Hanshi is an Exemplary Professor ranking. He also holds black belts in Tracy's International Kenpo Karate as well as in Kenpo Jiu Jitsu. 

Richard has over 40 years of continuous martial arts training.

Below is a brief photo gallery.


Richard Kahn fought competitively for 7 years. 2 years full contact and 5 years sport karate. He has over 220 amateur judged fight rounds on the official records, competing regionally in the Northeast, Nationally and Internationally. He's won over 70 trophies, awards, plaques and medals. While competing he enjoyed top regional, national and international ranking.

He continues to practice and receives ongoing awards recognition for his contributions to the martial arts.

Richard Kahn, Hanshi 8th Dan Black Belt photo with high ranking black belt students and grand master Sifu Jack Shamburger at promotions event.

09/26/21 Richard Kahn (far left) in group photo at Black Belt promotions in New York City. Now wearing the rare and highly coveted 8th Dan Hachidan Hanshi gold stripe on black belt.

Richard Kahn with Hanshi 8th Dan  black belt diploma

Posing for official recordation photo. Ceremonials. Presentation of rank promotion

Richard Kahn holding 8th Dan Hanshi Black Belt Diploma, wearing  master's Goldens Belt in the embrace of his grand master Sifu Jack Shamburger.

09/26/21 Richard Kahn with Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburger

Richard Kahn at promotions event.
Shihan Richard Kahn (6th Dan) with fellow students and competitors gathered at promotion event in New York City.
Hanshi Diploma nd ceremonials

09/26/21 Richard Kahn (far left) wearing his rare and coveted Shihan master's black belt (red stripe on black belt) coming into the Black Belt promotions in New York City. This belt will now be retired and join the collection.

Richard Kahn inclusion in Official 20th Anniversary Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors World History Book

01/2020 Richard Kahn honored by inclusion as one of the elite world class martial artists featured in the Martial Arts History Book.

Richard Kahn pages from 20th Anniversary World History Book
RIchard Kahn Black Belt Boio pages from 20th Anniversary Hall of Honors World History Book
AMAHOH Official History Bookpaperbacksta
Ricard Kahn receiving esteemed Martial Artists award
Richard Kahn with son Craig Kahn attending awards photo shoot.

01/24/2020 Shihan Richard Kahn making a recorded acceptance speech (with son Craig) after receiving his 2020 AMAHOH Esteemed Martial Artist award. In the company of 4 other CHKA Shihans receiving similar honors and accepting an additional for Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburger who fell ill and could not make it.

Richard Kahn with some of his CHKA Kenpo master black belt brothers.
Photo shoot of Kahn, son Craig and CHKA Kenpo master black belts also honored.

08/11/2019 Richard Kahn honored with inclusion as one of The World's Greatest Martial Artists, vol 12. Each volume features 100. Click to purchase

WorldsGreatestMartialArtists Vol-12 Cove
Richard Kahn listed in 12th Volume of The Worlds Greatest Martial Artists

06/2019 Richard Kahn receiving CHKA Shihan Godan 5th Dan rank from Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburger

Hanshi Richard Kahn with his beloved Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburger after promotions and Kahn performing for spectators.
RKahn 5th Dan promotion line up

Richard Kahn celebrating  CHKA 

Sensei 3rd Dan rank 

RKahn 3rd Dan Blackbelt
Richard Kahn masters black belt and certificate

Richard Kahn honored at Kenpo International Hall of Fame and Gathering of Eagles in 2015 Chicago. Seen here with his instructors Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamberger and Great Grand Master Al Tracy, also with son Craig Kahn. Richard's name on the family tree. 

Richard Kahn honored for lifetime acheivment at 2017 Gathering of Eagles Kenpo Hall of Fame
Richard Kahn is listed on the family tree of black belts
Richard Kahn (R) son Craig Kahn (L) with Kahn's  instructor Great Grand Master Al Tracy, founder of Tracy's International Kempo Karate and Gathering of Eagles.  Kahn adored Mr. Tracy, may he rest in peace always.
Richard Kahn (C) with his beloved Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburger CHKA (L) and son Craig (R) at Gathering of Eagles.

Richard Kahn inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine and Hall of Honors in Atlantic City in 2013. 

2013 Richard Kahn inducted into the Action Martil Arts Hall of Honors

1997 Richard Kahn receiving his black belt certificate #6 from now Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburg.

1992 Richard Kahn awared black belt certificate #6
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