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Where is my IRS refund?

Where is my IRS Refund?

Once your IRS tax returns have been filed, you can go online to, click on Refunds tab and then Where's My Refund or use this link:


​​You will need the following information from the filing:

  • Your SSN or ITN

  • Your Filing Status

  • Exact dollar amount of refund requested.

​The results will pop up on the next screen.

  • You can check this as many times as you wish.

​Please note:

  • Electronic filing will produce a result more quickly than paper filing. 3 weeks or so vs 1-3 months (Covid has added time.)(

  • Make sure to check your Filing Status on the filing. FIRPTA filings must be done separately, even if married.

  • Even when the IRS reports refunds have been mailed, it can take up to 30 days or more to actually receive it.

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