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Serving as a Foreign National's US Representative

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Serving as a Foreign National's US Representative

We can permit foreign national clients to use our US based mailing address in addition to their foreign address. In the case of a Foreign National selling real estate, we often find that they intend and do often go back to their country either temporarily or permanently, or are selling from their country.


In this case, when filling out and remitting the IRS forms, it is necessary to provide an address and FIRPTA Refunds provides the option of serving as the address to which the Foreign National may be contacted, in addition to the Foreign National advising of their foreign address.

When filing ITIN applications, or IRS Form W-7 or the original withholding form 8288, or the forms 8288-A copies A/B/C, the Foreign National can opt to have FIRPTA Refunds receive and relay correspondence. 

We offer this service for a nominal fee to clients utilizing other services. This is a much better, far more reliable method than entering a a friend's address or a party who may not be there or willing in the months ahead to promptly notice the Foreign National so they may take action. In the case of FIRPTA Refunds, also to assist in the action to be taken. 

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