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FREE Consult - Expert Review

FREE Consult - Expert Review

Would you like our senior FIRPTA expert (not a sales person) to review your case and answer any questions you might have? It's FREE and no-obligation or solicitation. No sales person will call.


It's an easy 2 step process with fast response time.

Step 1. Tell us a little about your case, click: 

Step 2.  Our FIRPTA expert will make contact via reply email.

Common questions asked and answered in fee consults:

  • services you need, 

  • estimates of FIRPTA withholding,

  • qualification for exemptions or reduced withholding,

  • estimate of your expected FIRPTA IRS tax refund amount,

  • whether you need a new or to renew an ITIN or EIN,

  • IRS year end and interim tax return filing requirements, 

  • timelines involved in the processes and costs.

  • Any and all your questions will also be answered.

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