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Why We Do Not Do Testimonials


FIRPTA Refunds does not post testimonials, we are a Referral based company. In other words, happy clients refer others. Referrers tell stories of success which prompts us to be contacted.


We don't rely on simply shopping around, let's say, people surfing the Internet. These folks are at the mercy of often unsubstantiated "testimonials" that cannot be verified, by people who inflate their credentials and experience. Any web master can say anything then place a First name, Last Initial. General location. Since there is no way to verify this type of testimonial's source, it is generally considered unreliable and self serving marketing creativity. 


The fact that a company in our business would identify a Foreign National's name and location is not feasible in reality. We go out of our way to protect and keep private our Foreign Nationals (Non-USA) clients. Most would not appreciate our advertising their full names and Nations so that their Country could learn they have foreign investments in the USA. In the real world, Foreign Nationals want us to keep their USA holdings and finances VERY private. Our Privacy Policy underscores this concern.

Some people confuse Testimonials with Client Referrals. They are far from the same. A Client Referral is someone who has had intimate experience with the firm and with permission my be a person willing to be contacted to give their opinion and experience. FIRPTArefunds has many client references.

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