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IRS Withholding Certificates

We Can Prepare & File Reduced IRS
Withholding Certificates at Closing

Also known as an early tax refund filing, in the same year as the property sale. The reason is, it allows you to file for a full or partial release of the FIRPTA withholding amount.

These complex tax filings are used when a Foreign Seller requests a Buyer to have the Foreign Seller's FIRPTA withholding retained by the settlement agent or title company for a period of up to 90 days while the Foreign Seller waits for an IRS written reply and directions.

This scenario can make sense depending on the time of year and Foreign Seller situation, the complete package has to be ready to go on the closing date of the transaction to utilize this option. This means becoming involved early on in the transaction to allow time for the complexities and filing requisites to be achieved.

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