Maximum Allowable Refunds, Fastest Time Possible.

FIRPTArefunds specializes in handling FIRPTA* for Foreign Nationals selling property in the USA. 

We assist all parties in the transaction including sellers, buyers, closing agents, and attorneys. 35+ years experience  

We handle it all. We offer these services alone or bundled, at reasonable prices with flexible easy payment options:

  • At closing FIRPTA remittance packages;

  • Obtaining ITINs; 

  • IRS Withholding Certificates;

  • Early same year as sale tax refund filings;

  • 1040 NR non resident tax return filings;

  • Difficult case resolutions;

  • Other income (non-real estate) filings;

  • Audit protection plans. Similar to a warranty in nature.

FREE CONSULT. Our credentials.

*What is the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act? Requires Buyers of US Property from Foreign Sellers to withhold 15% of the full selling price at closing from Seller's proceeds at closing and remit the withheld amounts directly to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is then up to the Foreign Seller to file for tax refund to get the money back. This process from start to end and any part of it is what FIRPTArefunds specializes in. 


Experience Counts

At FIRPTArefunds your case will be handled by IRS licensed professionals with decades of FIRPTA experience.

We are authorized by the IRS to authenticate passports and speed the ITIN application process.

US Tax Refunds for Global Clients

We represent clients worldwide.

Global Reach.

Ways to Contact Us.

Ph:  417-862-4710

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