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Specializing in FIRPTA Withholding-Max Refund Tax Filing-ITINs

Specializing in FIRPTA Withholding-Max Refund Tax Filing-ITINs

Need help with your FIRPTA* transaction? 

Fast Personal Response by our Expert with 40+ years FIRPTA Experience.
We Work Remotely With Clients Located  Worldwide

We specialize in FIRPTA Withholding, Max Refund Tax Filings, obtaining ITINs and Difficult Case Resolutions.  As Certified IRS Acceptance Agents (CAA), our ITIN clients retain possession of their original passport(s). 

Our clients are Foreign National Sellers, Closing Agents, Realtors, Attorneys, and Buyers purchasing from Foreign Nationals. For more information, hover over our Navigation Bar headings and click menu items of interest.

*What is the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act? Requires Buyers of US Property from Foreign Sellers to withhold 15% of the full selling price at closing from Seller's proceeds at closing and remit the withheld amounts directly to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is then up to the Foreign Seller to file for tax refund to get the money back. This process from start to end and any part of it is what FIRPTArefunds specializes in. 

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