Credentials of Senior Management


Richard Merrill Kahn

40 years experience in FIRPTA 


(These are Mr. Kahn's business credentials, Click here for his 5h Degree Black Belt Credentials)

Richard began handling residential and commercial FIRPTA in 1984: Richard has always been the key principal expert on FIRPTA across the various real estate, mortgage lending and securitization firms he has owned and/or been a partner in.


Richard's preferred method of operation is to work personally with the clients he accepts. He puts his decades of FIRPTA experience to work for his foreign national clients worldwide on sales of US properties subject to FIRIPTA, and those service providers such as Realtors, Attorneys and Settlement Closing Agents involved in the process. 

Brief History of Experience


2008 - Present: Owner and principal of Forensic Professionals Group USA, Inc. (FL).

  • FIRPTArefunds, a d/b/a division, specializing in FIRPTA representation (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act) for Foreign Nationals selling real estate owned in the USA. FIRPTArefunds provides various services to clients in this process

  • Richard is the firm's registered IRS Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA): Assisting Foreign National clients needing IRS ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) in meeting the requirements and filing to obtain same in process of obtaining IRS  and State taxing authority refunds on withholding from closings of real estate sales.  

  • Testifying litigation expert and qualifying investigator: FPG-USA, a d/b/a division, specializes in Real Estate, Mortgage and Secularization Fraud Investigations of wrongful foreclosure by lenders against homeowners with cases represented by attorneys in Court. Mr. Kahn is the qualifying expert. He has testified in over 1,000 cases in dozens of States and Federal Courts since 2007.

  • 1978-2010: Owner/Partner commercial real estate lender nationwide USA. 

  • 2003-2010: Owner/ Managing Partner of Whale Mortgage, Inc. (FL) Licensed residential lender.

  • 1995-2006: Owner/ Managing Partner Mallpark, Inc. (FL)  Global internet provider of virtual real estate services and associated software development to over 5,000 companies worldwide. 

  • 1980-1995: Special Adviser to the IRS, Philadelphia, PA. Assisted IRS in discovering accounting practices used by accountants and accounting firms to generate highly leveraged tax deductions. Exposed underlying processes and loopholes by which taxpayers would invest $1 but write off $3. As a result IRS recaptured hundreds of millions of dollars.


  • 1980-1991: Tax Matters Partner (TMP) in over 60 commercial real estate transactions totaling over $1 billion dollars. Oversaw in house and third party accounting firms filing tax returns, provided them with documentation including research results of allowable permitted tax deductions to maximize lawful refunds for the partnerships.

  • 1979-1991: Owner/ Managing Partner, Affiliated Real Estate Analysts, Inc. (AREA) (NY). Nationwide real estate development, lending, investor services (Including FIRPTA).

  • 1973-1978: National Real Estate Product Manager at Merrill Lynch. Securities licensing by SEC, NYSE, AMEX, CBOE, NASD . Appointed by CEO Don Regan who became US Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration.

Ph:  417-862-4710

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