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Credentials of Senior Management

Credentials of Senior Management

Richard Merrill Kahn

Managing Director/ Business Development

Senior Case Manager, FIRPTA Expert

Managing Partner of Real Estate, Secularization (Multi-Investor Real Estate) Mortgage Finance,  and FIRPTA service firms since 1979. FPG-USA's Testifying expert in over 1,000 cases since 2007. 

  • National Real Estate Product Manager at Merrill Lynch (1973-1978). Securities licensing by SEC, NYSE, AMEX, CBOE, NASD . Appointed by CEO Don Regan who became US Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration.

  • Managing Partner, Affiliated Real Estate Analysts, Inc. (NY). Nationwide real estate development, lending, investor services (Including FIRPTA) (1979-1991).

  • Managing Partner commercial real estate lender nationwide USA (1978-2010). 

  • Special Adviser to the IRS (1980-1995). 

  • Managing Partner Mallpark, Inc. (FL)  Global internet provider of virtual real estate services and associated software development to over 5,000 companies worldwide. (1995-2006)

  • Managing Partner of Whale Mortgage, Inc. (FL) Licensed residential lender (2003-2010).

  • Managing Partner, Forensic Professionals Group USA, Inc. (FL) (2008-Present). 

    • d/b/a FPG-USA. Real Estate, Mortgage and Secularization Fraud Investigations. Mr. Kahn has testified in over 1,000 cases in dozens of States and Federal Courts. ​

    • d/b/a FIRPTArefunds. Experts in FIRPTA Withholding Tax Refund & ITIN  Services, 

      • IRS Certified Acceptance Agent.



Luis Bulas-Felix

FIRPTArefunds TaxPro, FIRPTA Tax Expert

Senior Case Manager Tax Division

  • 40+ years USA and International tax specialist.

  • 35+ years FIRPTA  tax experience.

  • Former IRS Enrolled Agent, IRS Appellate Auditor, Revenue Agent and Tax Auditor. GS-14 (on scale 1-15).


  • Licensed by the US Treasury - Internal Revenue Service

  • Public Accountant since 1977

  • Dual Masters from FIU and Doctorate in Accounting

  • Handling FIRPTA since its empowerment in 1984 by the Deficit Reduction Act.

  • Certified IRS - A.F.S.P. Tax Preparer (PTIN, EFIN)

  • IRS Certified Acceptance Agent.

  • Luis is FIRPTArefunds resident managing TaxPro running our FIRPTA tax division.

  • Working with Richard Kahn since 1997

Ph:  417-862-4710
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