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FIRPTArefunds provides an IRS Certified Acceptance Agents on staff to assist Foreign Nationals in applying for an IRS in the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). 


This means our clients do not have to send original Passports or Birth Certificates to us or the IRS, which can be held for 3 months. Our clients keep the originals in their possession.

This speeds the FIRPTArefund process and eliminates the risk of losing these valuable documents in the mail or in transit. Most importantly clients can travel with their passports if they wish to do so because they retain the originals during the process.

Richard Merrill Kahn

Managing Member/ 35+ years experience FIRPTA Expert

Richard has been in charge of handling FIRPTA related withholding and tax advisory issues since 1984. Owns and operates FIRPTA Refunds, LLC also dba FIRPTA Refunds; on the web at Richard is an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent, CAA originating ITINs for Foreign Nationals. Richard is also an IRS AFSP TaxPro and FIRPTA Tax Matters Manager of approved FIRPTA Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Foreign National clients world wide, selling real estate in the USA, working with closing agents, realtors, attorneys and qualified intermediaries. Custom attention. Excellent accessibility.


  • Director, Forensic Professionals Group USA, Inc. (FL) (2008-2021). Retired.

    • Senior Testifying Expert in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Mortgage Finance, Secularization of Mortgage Backed Securities and associated Bank Fraud Investigations. Mr. Kahn worked on over 1,000 cases from the period 2008-2020, in both State and Federal Court in dozens of states. ​Richard retired from this business in 2021. Resident FIRPTA expert.

  • Managing Partner of Whale Mortgage, Inc. (FL) Licensed residential lender (2003-2010). Resident FIRPTA expert.

  • Managing Partner Mallpark, Inc. (FL)  Global internet provider of virtual real estate services and associated software development to over 5,000 companies worldwide. (1995-2006)

  • Special Adviser to the IRS (1980-1995). 

  • Managing Partner commercial real estate lender nationwide USA (1978-2010). Resident FIRPTA expert.

  • Managing Partner, Affiliated Real Estate Analysts, Inc. (NY). Nationwide real estate development, lending, investor services (Including FIRPTA) (1979-1991). Resident FIRPTA expert from 1984-1991.

  • National Real Estate Product Manager at Merrill Lynch (1973-1978). Securities licensing by SEC, NYSE, AMEX, CBOE, NASD . Appointed by CEO Don Regan who became US Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration.


FIRPTArefunds does not post testimonials, we are a Reference based company. In other words, happy clients refer others. Referrers tell stories of success which prompts us to be contacted.


We don't rely on simply shopping around, let's say, people surfing the Internet. These folks are at the mercy of often unsubstantiated "testimonials" that cannot be verified, by people who inflate their credentials and experience. Any web master can say anything then place a First name, Last Initial. General location. Since there is no way to verify this type of testimonial's source, it is generally considered unreliable and self serving marketing creativity. 


The fact that a company in our business would identify a Foreign National's name and location is not feasible in reality. We go out of our way to protect and keep private our Foreign Nationals (Non-USA) clients. Most would not appreciate our advertising their full names and Nations so that their Country could learn they have foreign investments in the USA. In the real world, Foreign Nationals want us to keep their USA holdings and finances VERY private. Our Privacy Policy underscores this concern.

Some people confuse Testimonials with Client Referrals. They are far from the same. A Client Referral is someone who has had intimate experience with the firm and with permission my be a person willing to be contacted to give their opinion and experience. FIRPTArefunds has many client references.


FIRPTArefunds Sponsored Race Car

FIRPTArefunds sponsors the race car you see at the right. Here it is being driven by FIRPTArefunds Account Executive and primary driver Craig Kahn. Here we are leading the pack at Homestead Miami Speedway. 


Our principal Richard Kahn's Black Belt Credentials

Richard Kahn began his competitive marital arts career between the ages of 32 and 39. He competed in over 220 amateur rounds in recorded open style judged ring competition.  For the 1st 2 years he did full contact. For the next 5 years he did national and international ranked sport karate. He's won over 70 trophies, awards, plaques and medals and enjoyed top national and international ranking.

He continues to practice and receives ongoing awards recognition for his contributions to the martial arts.

Here at left you see him in 2015 in front of the table containing a dozen elite fighters being awarded the coveted Master's Black Belt (Black with red stripe). This was the day he retired his worn black belt you see here.

Richard was inducted into the 2013 Martial Arts Hall of Honors. In 2017 Richard received a coveted award plaque honor at the Kenpo Gathering of Eagles Kenpo Hall of Fame including being honored with his name being placed on the international Kenpo Family Tree of Black Belts dating back to the 1950s in US martial arts black belt lineage. His chief instruction is Marine Sargeant Sifu Jack "ManChild" Shamburger, currently one of about 32 in the world ranked 10th Dan Grand Masters in the style. Find out more at

Ph:  417-862-4710

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