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 Maximum Allowable Refunds, Fastest Time Possible.
Complete FIRPTA Services Provider
to Buyers, Foreign Sellers, Closing Agents, QIs, Realtors & Attorneys
If you are involved in a FIRPTA withholding, we'd like to help. Our 2 managers each have over 3 decades experience and offer a FREE CONSULTATION. FIRPTArefunds provides FIRPTA Buyer and Seller Withholding, Tax Filing & Tax Refund services worldwide. We are IRS Certified Acceptance Agents empowered to assist originating ITINs with clients retaining their original passports and documents in the process. We are well known for obtaining the maximize allowable refunds for our clients, in the fastest time possible. We do it all.
We offer a full line of FIRPTA services at affordable prices. 
Clients and their agents deal directly with our seasoned Pro management team. They offer FREE consultation & Expert Review of your case with fast response.
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Why FIRPTArefunds

Experience Counts

At FIRPTArefunds your case will be handled by IRS licensed professionals with decades of FIRPTA experience.

We are authorized by the IRS to authenticate passports and speed the ITIN application process.

US Tax Refunds for Global Clients

We represent clients worldwide.

Global Reach.

Ways to Contact Us.

Ph:  417-862-4710
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